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Hi I'm New Here!

So I named my company Functional Mom as a joke! Now here me out! 

I recently found a diary of mine from 2017. I still was nowhere near being a mom (at least that's what I thought). Anyway, the diary entry was me complaining to my mother about how gender roles predominate women's lives and how unfair that is (this is a common complaint of mine when my mother and I talk about anything). My mom, always pushing me outside of my comfort zone said, "Well, you have two backgrounds: public health and Occupational Therapy. There is something that you can do with that." When I applied to OT school, I envisioned for myself a way to help the community, possible a non-profit to increase access to a better quality of life. I just did not know how to start. 

Fast forward to becoming a mother. I saw the injustice firsthand. Only having ONE follow up visit with my doctor at 6 weeks. I remember answering my depression screen knowing I would fly under the radar. At the same time, I thought that this may be okay, this is normal. I'm fine. But every day was hard. First, the sleep deprivation. I have always been a light sleeper so room sharing with a little beautiful human waking me up frequently wore on me. I was lucky that this first 3 weeks, my mother helped with the night shift to let me sleep at least 6 hours but then she had to go. My husband by this time was back to work after a week for which he had to get PTO for. Breastfeeding was difficult to say the least with my body taking longer to have a milk letdown because of my c-section, awkward positioning during breastfeeding with pain at my incision and breasts, mastitis, clogged ducts and underproducing even though I was exclusively pumping. I was so overwhelmed. Then figuring out scheduling for feeds, trying to have a routine so baby began "sleep training". Honestly, the moment my kiddo slept her first 6 hours straight was AWESOME. But you know what was also on my mind? How I didn't feel right. I felt alone, cried often, wondered if maybe the crying and sadness was normal. I was so overwhelmed with all the to-dos: feed, diaper, sleep train, clean my pump parts. Don't forget to sing to your baby, work on tummy time. I just didn't feel like I even had the time to eat some days. 

I want to help you, mama. The you that is most likely googling in the middle of the night because you want guidance, you want hope, you want YOU back. I don't think there is a fix-all solution to any single problem especially when it comes to raising a child and raising yourself in your new role as mom. But you better believe that I want to help you get back to the things that make you who you are just with a new twist: entering motherhood.

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