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I'm sure all you heard before you had the baby was: You better rest now before the baby comes. Man hearing that drove me a little crazy, probably because I wasn't sleeping. In fact, pre-pregnancy, I considered myself a reformed night owl thanks to having an "early" schedule which really meant having to be at work by 8 so I couldn't afford to go to bed late. I've used a number a things to help with sleep: melatonin, benadryl, teas. You name it, I've tried it. 

So when I got pregnant, I immediately stopped my benadryl and tried what the National Sleep foundation recommends: Stopping electronics at least an hour before, dimming the lights, getting the temperature cozy enough, teas, light reading. But did any of you guys experience feeling extremely hot even early in pregnancy? I think I was able to sleep restoratively probably by the second trimester. Then the last month, of course, the restlessness returned. I think it's Mother Nature's way of getting us prepped for the sleepless nights. I would listen to podcasts that I knew I didn't want to listen to and often, that did the trick. But let's face it, you just don't feel comfortable in any position. 

Well then baby is born and of course, their sleeping schedule is so off right? It's hard to sleep because you have this new baby and then this new baby just wakes up at the most random times. 

i didn't feel human again until my little one was able to sleep a 6 hour stretch. But before I got to that point at probably 4 months postpartum, sleeping was pretty nonexistent.



- Look I knew that there was a chance this would happen. I was obsessively worried about her to the point that I did not achieve deep sleep because I was so tuned into every sounds she made.


- I was not taking advantage of the times I could have slept. Yes, every new mom hears: sleep while baby naps but the reality is that, for me, I would take that time to do things I needed to: cook, clean, laundry, pump. I mean honestly, I wanted to do it all. And it was the worst! 

I could have included my husband in my routine. He could have helped me take a "feeding" shift by having a pre-made bottle (Breastmilk or formula) from 9-3 am. But I was so sleepy and so worried that I just honestly did not think of this as an alternative. 

Below you can find some resources from the National Sleep Foundation for information for conducive sleep for women and general healthy tips to get restorative sleep. 

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