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Postpartum Care Planning

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Postpartum Care Plans are what are on my mind at the moment. I am 5 months away from meeting my second babe and I want to do things right for me this time. 

I’ve got to be honest. When I was pregnant with my first, I was so caught up with making sure we had everything for our little one ready. This meant making sure the nursery was cute as hell, that the carseat and stroller were the safest at the best value, and that she was set up with toys to promote her development. While all these things are important, I forgot about MYSELF! 

All I had for myself was my pump, my abdominal binder/brace and some postpartum clothes. Sure, we need these things but I didn’t plan for the important things. This time around for my pregnancy, I can see where I went wrong. 

Now these are the questions that I am starting to answer along with my spouse that really address our needs after baby #2 is born: 

  1. When will my husband take off, if he can, to be with us?

  2. Will my mother (or anyone else in our family) be able to spend time with us the first couple of weeks to help manage household tasks?

  3. Will my toddler go to daycare and how much money do we need to save since I will be on maternity leave? 

  4. Who will take care of meals? Should we go for the simple meals that H-E-B has available or will we start to arrange a meal train? 

  5. How will my husband and I handle night feedings as sleep was a major obstacle for me in my last pregnancy?

  6. Create a readily available Signs/Symptoms for Postpartum Depression/Postpartum Anxiety and local resources to get the help that I need should it be an issue like it was for my first pregnancy.

  7. Finding the best time to incorporate at least 1 hour of “me-time” to fill my cup while in survival mode with a newborn. 

These are a few that I have begun to address. 

Remember mama, we can’t care for others if we are not taking care of ourselves. 

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